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Getting openoffice.org-voikko into sid

Hello, OOo team!

I tried e-mailing Rene, but it's probably anyway a better thing to ask for a sponsor and guidance on this mailing list, and Rene can answer here, too. Openoffice.org-voikko is the last piece missing to have a full Finnish spellchecking available in Debian, Finnish being a language aspell/myspell/hunspell simply can't handle well enough.

I have been able to get the other packages sponsored via http://mentors.debian.net/: malaga (updated version to an existing package in Debian), suomi-malaga, libvoikko and tmispell-voikko. They are in the NEW queue, and the first three of them are needed to be build/installed to build openoffice.org-voikko:

(though kaol messed with -v option for the last three so .changes is not complete, hopefully the packages are not rejected because of that)

Do you think someone of you could sponsor openoffice.org-voikko, too? The current version is at http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/o/openoffice.org-voikko/openoffice.org-voikko_1.1-3.dsc

ITP #388803 as stated in the changelog.

Kaol thought he does not have enough expertise in OOo to sponsor that one.

I can do whatever changes you think still would be beneficial, in addition to those that have been done. The packaging is partly similar with the existing, non-free openoffice.org-soikko that is in Debian already. There's this generic problem with installing updating OOo extensions, which is now handled with that additional conflicts-generation and the installation script which is similar to the openoffice.org-soikko script.

If you want to fetch sources for all the five packages from mentors.debian.net (though tmispell-voikko of course not needed for checking OOo functionality), I've a script at http://iki.fi/tjyrinki/voikko/hae_ja_pura_voikko.sh


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