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Bug#390702: openoffice.org: crashes after upgrade to ~rc2-2

El día 02/10/2006 a 17:19 Rene Engelhard escribió...

> Hi,
> Rudy Godoy wrote:
> > After upgrading openoffice.org I'm no longer able to use it since it crashes
> > everytime I try to start it.
> > The user case is that it crashed once I upgrade it, and I had two openned files,
> > now, after upgrade installation, I get to the recover documment window, and then
> > inmediately it crashes.
> [ snip ]
> Already filed A FEW TIMES. Please look whether a bug already is filed
> before filing a new one (incidentially also with a wrong severity)

I didn't found any related bug to this particular case. #390113 looks
the same but isn't, it didn't eat my CPU to 100%. Feel free to merge

By the way I'm able to open and work on the same files on PowerPC,
same version but no localization packages installed.


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