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Bug#390136: Same bug here : please fix it


> Rene Engelhard wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > VALETTE Eric RD-MAPS-REN wrote:
> > [ snip ]
> >
> > Your subject is bullshit. Do you really think nothing happens?
> > After some days of searching we found the cause and the fixed
> > package is building.
> >   
> You probably well tested the package before uploading it as well : I

You have no clue. Of course, I should have caught this during testing
but I didn't. Yes, this was an error, no idea why it worked for me.

And anyway, if I didn't upload the package there would have been a
bin-NMU for icu 3.6 anyway in which case there wouldn't be any chance to
test it becase bin-NMUs are fully automatic.

In either way, the package would have been broken.

> have tree machines that all fails => you tested nothing and then scream
> because we ask for fix for this important application.

No, I scream because you seem to imply that we do not care about this in
your subject: "Fix it".

What do you think I do the days since the first report came in?
I already spent almosz the whole Friday, the whole weekend with
this... The fixed package is building.. And finding this error was

You seem to assume I didn't yet look at it and not fix it which is
not true.

> And do not remind me I run unstable because if nobody runs it, and you

No, I remind you that running unstable can have such errors, in case of
the bin-NMU scenario above there wouldn't have been any chance for me to
test it and as I said, the time I tested it it worked by chance.

Anyway, fixed package building, should appear today/tomorrow/in some


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