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OO build system

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Hello Rene,

regarding to BUG#385798 I also tried to apply the fedora patches pointed to
by Gert Michael Kulyk. In principle they apply to the vanilla -rc2 sources,
only in  psprint/source/fontmanager/fontconfig.cxx are some rejects and one
of them I can't resolve manually without understanding the patches, but
maybe the OO developers could help here.

Applying patches to the debian sources is not so easy without unpacking all
those bz2.uu files first. So far I did this by calling the rules makefile.
However, then also the debian patches are applied. I'm entirely lost with
this hole build system, its entirely different from any other package I
have looked into. E.g. the debian specific patches are not located within
the debian directory. Also the vanilla sources don't have any bz2.uu files,
but does have a ready compilable OOD680_m5 directory.

I'm now just wondering how you are managing this. I mean there must be
something more easy then running "fakeroot debian/rules binary" and
stopping the build process when it begins to compile...


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