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Bug#390436: It's impossible to start all OpenOffice apps in Gnome


Grzegorz Szyszlo wrote:
> It's impossible to start all open office applications in Gnome 
> environment. Cause is, not installed package openoffice.org-gnome. 
> Gnome support is not installed, because is installation problem with 
> openoffice.org-gtk.

This doesn't make sense. The menu entries just run oo* which should not 
be affected in whether you have the Gtk stuff installed or not..

> When I click any of openoffice application, this start is begin, and...
> at short time application end without display any window or 
> alert/notice. end with nothing.

What does it say on the console?

> I tested it in fresh etch installation, started from first full 
> installation Debian Woody CD (because actual etch floppy 
> installer is failed, when access to hdd is done by cpqarray module, and 
> I have not cd writer at this time)

Why didn't you then use even sarge? If you upgraded from woody tro etch,
that's not supported  (although it shouldn't cause a problem here)


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