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Bug#380513: openoffice.org-writer: 2.0.3 has wrong colors and misses text in anchored frames

[ please let the bug in the CC, thanks ]


Thomas Zander wrote:
> On Sunday 30 July 2006 20:32, you wrote:
> > > It also happened in 2.0.3-2 and I used reportbug only today (as I
> > > wanted to upgrade first, see if the problem went away)
> >
> > OK, and can you check whether that's a problem also with upstream OOo
> > or a Debian-specific one? And in the latter case file an issue
> > upstream? (And then tell me the number so I can mark this as
> > forwarded...)
> That would mean to compile it myself, no?  Ehm, no, unfortunately I can't 
> help you there.

No. Just get upstreams rpms[1] and try with those.
(Or the debs from Pavel Janik from ftp.linux.cz[2], currently down, though)



alienize them... That's how upstream thinks it should support


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