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Bug#377189: openoffice.org: prepends working directory before URLs, can't find file

reassign 377189 openoffice.org-gtk
forwarded 377189 openoffice@lists.ximian.com


Got this in the Debian BTS:

Eamonn Hamilton wrote:
> When attempting to start openoffice with a url ( as happens from
> evolution, say ), it reports being unable to find the file but the path
> shown has the current working directory prepended to it , e.g. :
> cd /random
> oowriter file:/tmp/test.doc
> results in
> /random/file:/tmp/test.doc does not exist
> It doesn't seem to be the oowriter perl wrapper, that correctly passes
> file:/tmp/test.doc to the ooqstart binary, which appears to simply
> prepend the working directory

Michael, can you look at that?



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