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Bug#378740: openoffice.org-gnome: Control-shift hotkeys broken in Gtk environment

retitle 378740 openoffice.org-gnome: Control-shift hotkeys broken in Gtk/UTF8 environment
reassign 378740 openoffice.org-gtk

Johannes Rohr wrote:
> However, the problem is that Gtk2 uses Control-shift key sequences to
> enter unicode chars, thus when using OOo in Gnome, text formatting
> shortcuts are partially broken, at least in de_DE.UTF-8 environment. In

Works in de_DE@euro...

> German, Control-Shift-f should format the selection ??n bold,
> however, it inserts some control character instead (couldn't figure out,

inserts f.
But yes, with de_DE@UTF-8 it creates a underlined F, retrying more then
makes more, then makes everyting fat etc..

> which one, though) Strangely enough, the same happens when clicking on
> the bold text toolbar icon.

This one works fine, though.



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