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Bug#377531: openoffice.org-dev: unowinreg.dll should be included

> Can you please try people.debian.org/~rene/openoffice.org/unowinreg.dll and tell
> whether it works?
> (self-built using i586-mingw32msvc-gcc)

Bad news. I have created three version of SCalc.jar (from SCalc.java
found in examples/java/SpreadSheet). One with the original
unowinreg.dll, one with yours and one without one at all. Out of the
three, only the one with the original works.

When I use yours, I get this error message:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: winreg_RegOpenCurrentUser
        at com.sun.star.lib.loader.WinRegKey.winreg_RegOpenCurrentUser(Native Method)
        at com.sun.star.lib.loader.WinRegKey.getValue(WinRegKey.java)
        at com.sun.star.lib.loader.WinRegKey.getStringValue(WinRegKey.java)
        at com.sun.star.lib.loader.InstallationFinder.getPathFromWindowsRegistry(InstallationFinder.java)
        at com.sun.star.lib.loader.InstallationFinder.getPath(InstallationFinder.java)
        at com.sun.star.lib.loader.Loader.getCustomLoader(Loader.java)
        at com.sun.star.lib.loader.Loader.main(Loader.java)

However, I am very grateful that you have tried this. Could you please
provide a little more details about how did you compile your dll? I'd
like to repeat your method and see if I can somehow get it working...
Maybe not, I'm just interested.

Best regards,
Baldvin Kovacs

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