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Re: Patch for german scsolver-source-ui


Am Mittwoch, 5. Juli 2006 17:42 schrieb Joo Martin:
> I have found the (new) patch-file:
>   patches/scsolver/scsolver-source-ui-scsolver-src.diff
> in ooo-build- with foolish german text. So I have made 

Yes, saw that too and removed them.

> a german translation for this file. See my patchfile.

Thanks, already was planning on doing it after 2.0.3-2...
I didn't yet do it for -2 because I also plan to propose to change the en-US
strings. "Set target cell" for example IMHO is broken, it should be without verb:
"Target cell", which then translates to "Zielzelle".

But there's things I don't like at your patch currently:

-+      Text [ de ] = "GeDeutschenBaa" ;
++      Text [ de ] = "Füge hinzu" ;
 +      Text [ en-US ] = "Add";

should probably be "Hinzufügen". Cacnel probably should be "Abbrechen" etc.
And it should be utf8 iirc.

Anyway, I can't accept your patch anyway because you didn't sign the JCA yet according
to http://www.openoffice.org/copyright/copyrightapproved.html#m
(see http://contributing.openoffice.org/programming.html).



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