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Bug#376675: openoffice.org-writer: crash on rigth click -> 'Picture...' over a picture

severity 376675 important
reassign 376675 openoffice.org
merge 376675 376490

[ please leave the cc to the bug intact... ]

Francesco Castellana wrote:
> >[ try moving your .openoffice.org2 out of the way and try with a clean 
> >profile.
> >It should crash when you hit "Border", though ].
> creating a new profile works, and clicking on 'Border' makes OOo crash, 
> indeed...
> >Then it's the same bug as the two Border bugs...
> Will investigate the border-related bugs, then.

OK, will merge the bugs then. Will be fixed in 2.0.3-2.

Simple workaround is just to use the border item from the toolbar...



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