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Bug#360548: openoffice.org: Openoffice crashes on startup

tag 360548 - moreinfo
merge 360548 359297


Rami Lehti wrote:
> # dpkg -l openoffice.org-gnome
> ii  openoffice.org 2.0.1-5        GNOME Integration for OpenOffice.org
> (Widget

Ok, as I guessed.

> and after upgrading it to
> ii  openoffice.org 2.0.2-2        GNOME Integration for OpenOffice.org
> (Widget
> everything works again.
> This bug can be closed now.

Mmh, no, there's a conflict missing to not make that happen. Will be in
the next upload. Will keep it open.

(BTW, the exact bug already was reported two times before - #359297 and



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