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Bug#340468: openoffice.org-base: creating tables fails with "libhsqldb2: file not found"

tag 340468 + confirmed
retitle 340368 creating tables fail with "libhsqldb2: file not found" when using gij


marcus@better.se wrote:
> I cannot create tables in a new, empty database file.
> Create a new Base document named Employees using HSQLDB (with only default
> options). Then press "Tables" to go to the tables view. This gives a
> pop-up error message, translated freely from Swedish: 
>   Cannot connect to the data source "Employees"
>   libhsqldb2: file not found

I get that too.

> There is a fix:
>   http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-77087.html
> In other words, create a link in /usr/lib/openoffice/program from
> libhsqldb2 to libhsqldb2.so. This seems to work for me.

Which is just a workaround :) And a ugly one....

> The problem is reproducible on this system, but I have another i386
> system with the same version of OpenOffice where I cannot reproduce
> it. That system has the Sun JRE instead of Kaffe.

Hmm. Works here on my i386 with j2sdk1.4 AND gij-4.0. Fails on ppc with
gij-4.0. Hmm.



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