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Re: OOo2 backport to Sarge


> I have yet another problem later, which is due to my build taking place
> in a x86 chroot on and AMD64 Debian. If someone has got an idea about it
> or wants more info... Otherwise, don't worry, I will try to sort this
> out myself.
Utility "linux32" sorted it all for me. It is similar to "sparc32"
utility for those of you familiar with the SPARC port (which does also
run on processors capable of running 32 and 64-bits code at the same
I now have a blazing fast machine to build my OOo2 backport for Sarge.
The machine itself is a dual-Opteron with 2GB RAM, and a SATA 3Ware
controller with fast SATA drives.

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