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Re: openoffice.org build hanging on sparc


Blars Blarson wrote:
> openoffice.org failed to build on a sparc buildd due to an unavailable 
> build depency.

it did? how? (FWIW, the buildd pages still say "Building"..)

> The build on my sparc pbuilder is using no cpu time and has not changed
> the log file in almost 8 hours.  The end of it is:
> rm -f ../../../../../unxlngs.pro/misc/cssddnd.idls
> cat /tmp/mkROO9Z1 >>../../../../../unxlngs.pro/misc/cssddnd.idls
> /tmp/buildd/openoffice.org-2.0.0/ooo-build/build/ooo680-m3/offapi/com/sun/star/drawing
> idlc @/tmp/mky7yvat

Hmm. My last build (was 2.0.0-0.1pre) on sparc - using sbuild - worked
fine. Do you have /proc mounted at that time. Did it somehow get lost?
Some other "unusual" system configuration?



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