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Bug#333547: openoffice.org2-writer: Spellchecker only check the content of the first page

reassign 333547 openoffice.org
tag 333547 + moreinfo
tag 333547 + unreproducible


Eric Valette wrote:
> I have a document (that I cannot share) where the spellchecker only checks part of the frontpage and says spelling complete when the same document using the windows version is correctly checked. 

Aha. And you did install the dictionary? You did create the symlink if
it's not there? (see the corresponding bug wrt that - #320831. That one
will be fixed on 2.0 is released and will be uploaded to sid as the

Anyway, we can't even reproduce it when we don't have the document; but
first check whether your OOo2 is configured right anyway.



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