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Bug#327052: openoffice.org-kde: uninstallable in unstable

severity 327052 normal                                                          
reassign 327052 ftp.debian.org                                                  
retitle 327052 please remove openoffice.org-kde from sid                        
Till wrote:                                                                     
> Package: openoffice.org-kde                                                   
> Version: 1.1.3-9                                                              
You apparently didn't check the versions and neither the changelog.             
> package is uninstallable in unstable because it still depends on              
> kdelibs4 which has been upgraded to kdelibs4c2 in unstable. please            
> recompile. thanks!                                                            
That's because -kde is dead in sid (note that you report the bug against        
1.1.3-9 while 1.1.4-7 is in sid) because OOo is built with g++ 3.3              
and KDE with 4.0/3.4 and both are ABI-incompatible. The ftpmasters did          
need to remove the obsolete binaries (which they didn't yet do and the          
script doesn't point that out since -kde is still referenced from               
control - IMHO a bug in the cruft finder script, but...)                        
Maybe 1.1.5 (If I get it to build) will get -kde back, OOo2 has it, too)        
but 1.1.4-x most probably not.                                                  

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