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Bug#316951: openoffice.org2: compile errors


Am Dienstag, 5. Juli 2005 13:22 schrieb Brian May:
> I get the impression that the cause of problem #1 and #3 were due to
> my confusion in java-gcj-compat being split. I believe it was split in

#3 not. #3 is just that you changed to a compiler which didn't yet work with 
the source. #1 is java-gcj-compat[-dev] problem and #2 is that patch.

After a second look, although the newest java-gcj-compat contains a libjawt.so 
link it'd not help anyway since it doesn't look in i386/ for JDK == gcj.

> the Debian version of the package. I also believe that problem #2 was

I don't know whether it also split in Ubuntu. I just use Debian.

>     Rene> It uses java-gcj-compats jni.h symlink.  It should work on
>     Rene> Debian but I did not test it anymnore with m108 since I
>     Rene> already am at 114. And you need java-gcj-compat-dev in
>     Rene> Build-Depends instead of only java-gcj-compat since
>     Rene> java-gcj-compat was split.
> Ok, so it was meant to compile against gcc 3.4. This confused me


> because the build depends have a lot of references to packages built
> >from gcc-4.0 source.

yeah, gcj/gij 4.0 and libcj6. Because that's what can build OOs Java stuff.

> If the symlink was in java-gcj-compats it didn't work, maybe the
> symlink was moved to java-gcj-compat-dev?


> I apologise if I insulted you in anyway by providing too much
> information.

Well, in this case it was really clear what the error is, so... I other cases 
you of course should give info, but in this trivial case... (at least for 
someone who did the offending patch himself as gcj had libjawt..)

>     Rene> You need forward declarations. Also already fixed.
> I guess I need to decide now if it is more productive fixing m108, the
> latest version in experimental or waiting for a new version to be
> released.

I'd wait. Why do you want to rebuild it anyway?

> I get the impression that version 108 in Debian experimental is old
> and obsolete. Is there another place I should be looking to get the
> most up-to-date package?

there's source for 1.9.110-0pre1 on p.d.o but I thik it will fail to build, 
too. I am currently working on 1.9.114 which needs some finetuning still I 
guess and then a i386 and powerpc (17 hrs!) build before I can upload it.


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