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Bug#293015: Bug #293015 - openoffice.org-debian-files: IDL Compiler fails

[ dpkg changes wrt arch variables] 

Yes, problem already known.

> Though i wonder if it should be used out of the dpkg system (it
> would not work for non debian distributions ... and would require
> a dependency on dpkg >= 1.13.5). uname ? how does gcc manages
> this ...

But this is in adebian package and it is a debian paxckage warpper
script, so what? we know dpkg is there :)

> After fixing this issue i got:
> $ LANG=C linux/bin/idlc idl/com/sun/star/uno/XWeak.idl
> linux/bin/idlc: line 5:
> /usr/lib/openoffice/sdk/linux//bin/idlc.bin: No such file or directory
> ... i cannot find such a binary on my system (missing dependency
> or not compiled ?)

No. Install openoffice.org-dev. Just that the wrapper is in debian-files
doesn't say the needed binaries are there. And yes, making
openoffice.org-debian-files depend on -dev is nonsense...


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