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Bug#256820: Acknowledgement (openoffice.org: Impress slideshow doesn't fill the screen in fvwm2.5)


Tim Froggatt wrote:
> I have found a fix for this. It is a problem between OpenOffice and
> the following FVWM option (which appears in the default Fvwm95 
> configuration):
>     Style * MWMFunctions
> You can make openoffice behave sensibly by adding this to .fvwm2rc:
>     Style OpenOffice* NoFuncHint
> This will disable the MWMFunctions style for OpenOffice windows. Also,
> another good tip is to enable stacking order hints, so that applications
> can make "full screen" windows appear without the Taskbar getting in the
> way:
>     Style * EWMHUseStackingOrderHints

Thanks. Maybe this bugreport should be cloned to fvwm95 (are there others who
have that option as default?) to get that default options changed eventually.



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