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Re: Problem with encoding (OpenOffice.org and Gnome)

This means that if I don't install the "openoffice.org-gtk-gnome"
package everything will work OK? Or does it have some solution? The
GTK interface for OpenOffice.org is very beautiful...

Thanks for the help.

Rene Engelhard wrote:

>[ please wrap your lines at 72 chars. thanks ]


>Allan wrote:
> interface and using Gnome 2.8.3. I speak Brazilian Portuguese, and I 
>use ISO-8859-1. When I try
> to open a file that have a special caracter in the name (accents 
>specially, very used in
> Portuguese), the load screen of OpenOffice.org appears, but when it 
>try to open the file, an
> error message appears saying the it was no possible to open the file,

>and the filename is
> shown, for example: "V%6Edeos". I tried the official Brazilian 
>package (www.openoffice.org.br),
> it works well. I converted the system to UTF-8, and so, the  Debian 
>package works well, but it
>[ snip ]

>Yes, that is exactly the problem why the GNOME File Picker is disabled
>per default...



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