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Bug#296087: So why is the EULA included?

severity 296807 wishlist
retitle 206807 please remove Microsoft EULA from THIRDPARTYLICENSEREADME.html


Dylan Thurston wrote:
> So if the Microsoft EULA doesn't apply to anything included in the
> package, why is it included with the other licenses without any
> indication that the corresponding components are not present in this
> version?

Ron already guessed:
> I wouldn't be surprised if this was in here only so that OOo only
> needed to maintain 1 THIRDPARTYLICENSEREADME, and that this really
> only applies to Win OOo.

and I'd think he completely got the point (1.1.4, but same for 1.1.3):

[+93%] rene:~/Debian/Pakete/OpenOffice.org/Hauptpaket/openoffice.org-1.1.4 $ find . -type f -name "THIRDP*"


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