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Bug#295900: Depends on gnomelibs


Alex Romosan wrote:
> Rene Engelhard <rene@debian.org> writes:
> > WTF? did you not reopen the old bug but file a new one?
> sorry, i get really annoyed when people close a bug without actually
> fixing it (and in this case introducing it since it wasn't there

gar. Get a clue. We mentioned in the changelog so we thought that
revision would fix it. The necessary debian/* changes *are* there.
Unfortunately we forgot the ooo-build parts and it shlipped through my
testing. Humans make errors, don't they?

Still still is no reason why you simply couln't have reopened the old
bug but but have to file a new one.

> before, at least for i386). isn't this the "debian way"? :-(

This bug was there before, it just didn't show up because it somehow
shows up only *sometimes* (timestsmp skew and so..).

The bugfix done in 1.1.3-5 was incomplete, so the the i386 deb now also depends on gnomevfs where was only there on powerpc and s390 before.

As I said, humans make errors... That's why it's called unstable.

It'll be fixed in the next upload which will come soon.


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