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Re: building ooo

Hi Matt, sorry I've only just caught up with this mailing list

On Thursday 16 Dec 2004 22:10, Matt Price wrote:
> since it would be nice to have java and python supported in my
> openoffice, thought I might try building OOo over the holidays.  was
> wondering whether it's really as simple as:
> apt-get source openoffice.org
> apt-get build-deb openoffice.org
> changing a couple of lines in debian/rules
> setting  DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=jdkhome=/usr/lib/j3se/1.4/jre
> and running
> debuild
> ?

For Java, yes it should be.  Python doesn't work properly due to encoding 
issues and needs work to fix it.

> just checking b4 I leave my ocmputer on its own for the holidays.

Ooops.  Next holidays then? :)


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