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[announce] Openoffice 1.9.73 .debs

These .debs are built from an unpatched checkout of OOo m73, using Sun's JDK.
Although they have '2.6' in the name, they will run on a 2.4 kernel too.

You can add this to your sources.list to install the packages:

  deb http://people.debian.org/~halls/openoffice/test/ooo1.9-java /

To start OOo, run /opt/openoffice.org1.9.73/program/soffice

Please report bugs directly at openoffice.org issuezilla, thanks

Chris Halls


Summary of things I had to fix to get these .debs on my box:

Checking DLL ../../unxlngi4.pro/lib/check_libpyuno.so ...: 
ERROR: ../../unxlngi4.pro/lib/check_libpyuno.so: undefined symbol: PyUnic
Patch in 
/oo/680/java/svtools/source/misc/imap.cxx: In member function `void 
IMapObject::Write(SvStream&, const String&) const':
/oo/680/java/svtools/source/misc/imap.cxx:170: error: type specifier omitted 
for parameter `eEncoding'

Patch in 

/oo/680/java/basctl/source/basicide/moduldl2.cxx: In member function `void 
/oo/680/java/basctl/source/basicide/moduldl2.cxx:824: error: variable 
declaration is not allowed here
/oo/680/java/basctl/source/basicide/moduldl2.cxx:838: error: no matching 
function for call to `com::sun::star::ui::dialogs::XFilterM
anager::appendFilter(rtl::OUString (&)(), rtl::OUString&)'

patch at 


To build .debs instead of .rpm, export the variable
FORMAT="-format deb"

before starting dmake/build

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