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Bug#272712: openoffice.org: crashes during startup

On Wed, 22 Sep 2004, Jim Watson wrote:

> please try some tests:
> (1) remove prelink package and/or terminate any prelinking then rerun or
> re-install without prelink.
> i dont have that package here but the command is something like prelink -n
> from memory.
> (2) please report the output from uname -m
> (3) report running file on libsal:
> cd /usr/lib/openoffice/program (or where it lives)
> file libsal.so.3

I've removed prelink and openoffice.org-*, then reinstalled openoffice.org
(btw, the "undo prelink" is prelink -u, but I figured it was safer to kill 
it completely), and then it works

My architecture is sparc64

kaboom@ultra2:~$ file /usr/lib/openoffice/program/libsal.so.3*
/usr/lib/openoffice/program/libsal.so.3:     symbolic link to 
/usr/lib/openoffice/program/libsal.so.3.1.0: ELF 32-bit MSB shared object, 
SPARC, version 1 (SYSV), stripped

Is prelinking supposed to work with openoffice.org? Is this a bug in 


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