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Bug#274371: openoffice.org: videos in presentations (by mozilla-plugin-vlc): video is scaled wrong, and cropped during playing.

Tapio Lehtonen said:     (by the date of Fri, 1 Oct 2004 18:27:59 +0300)

> So you have five videos with this same problem? What if you try a
> sixth one?

actually I have 7 .mpg files that I want to show. I just made a new
presentation to check how multiple videos are behaving. But I'm unable
to insert more than two videos on a single page... it just all seems to
hang, and no CPU is consumed. I have to killall soffice.bin and kill

After several tries I managed to insert all 7 .mpg files into a
presentation. But maximum number of working videos on a page is 2.

Then when I run the presentation, only 1 out of those 7 .mpg files were
badly cropped during playing, when the presentation was running. 

The bad thing is that the video is running on a black backgroud (that is
related to bug 274369) (I can submit another bug for that, to keep
everything clean and avoid reporting multiple bugs in one report)

I think that the bad cropping of a video occurs immidiatly after
inserting a video. Then it is _slightly_ corrected. So most of the time
during your editing of a presentation you see a badly cropped video

# Janek Kozicki

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