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Bug#273654: Debian Bug #273654

Tom Parker said on Fri, Oct 01, 2004 at 02:08:09PM +0200,:

 > If this is the case, then which version of gsfonts do you have 
 > installed? Does 'debsums -csl gsfonts' produce any output? I'm using
 > 8.14+v8.11-0.1 (current unstable).

gsfonts is  8.14-3
gsfonts-other is  6.0-3

Am upgrading it right now. Let me see. 

 > Debian openoffice is using the native CUPS support. If you haven't got 
 > CUPS installed, then edit /etc/openoffice/openoffice.conf and uncomment 
 > the "export SAL_DISABLE_CUPS=1" line. When that line is uncommented, you 
 > can run oopadmin to setup printers, whereas by default it pulls all of 
 > the printer info from CUPS.

I do not use cups. I use lpr-ng.
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