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Bug#235610: openoffice.org: Texts in menus and dialogs are broken in ko_KR.eucKR

> *NOTE* that the replacement from "Andale Sans UI" to Korean font,
> which is mentions in README.Debian.gz, DOES NOT WORK. I guess there are
> something strange in building openoffice.

I was just testing a patch in multiple languages. Korean was the only
language in which this replacement didn't help.

However, I do get real glyphs (after installing ttf-baekmuk), not boxes
in my menus.

Can you play with the "Use system fonts" switch? Press Alt-T O to go to
the Options dialog. There's a tree widget on the left. Select the last
entry in the "OpenOffice.org" sub tree. Remove the tick from the
checkbox that has the "F" accelerator, press OK.



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