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Bug#240475: openoffice.org: crashes on "save as" dialogue

tags 240475 + moreinfo
tags 240475 - sid

On Sat, 2004-03-27 at 18:44, Adam Kessel wrote:
> Version: 1.1.0+1.1.1rc3-1

Hi, please can you test with 1.1.1-1 and check if you still have this

> Quite frequently openoffice.org hangs for me on "save as."  Sometimes it
> hangs when navigating through the directory structure, and sometimes when
> actually trying to save the file.

Hanging?  Is this on some network share, NFS perhaps?

> This is, of course, quite a serious problem.  I've lost my entire
> document several times because I can't save it.  I'm rating this as
> important and not grave because it doesn't appear that other people are
> experiencing this bug.

You might find you can get OOo to save an emergency copy by sending it
an abort signal:

killall -ABRT soffice.bin

Also, please send the output that OOo displays when run from a console
and killed during such a hang.


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