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Re: Bug#241853: openoffice.org: GUI language is not set correctly


* Rene Engelhard <rene@debian.org> wrote:
>> Maybe this is related to the fact that I do not set LC_ALL on my system, 
>> because I want LC_MESSAGES=C.
> This IMHO is no bug. IMHO It is right to use LC_MESSAGES. Every one program
> (gcc, etc.) switch their _messages_ according to LC_MESSAGES? Why should
> OOo behave otherwise?

Hm, because OOo is a GUI app. I know it's not a really sensible
reason, but I have my LC_MESSAGES=C and thats fine with every program
I run under my xterm (mutt, grep, etc). But I want to have KDE and
other GUI/hig level apps showing "de" strings.


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