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Re: OpenOffice in testing does not see all fontconfig fonts

On Wed, 2004-02-25 at 21:28, Nurnberg-LaZerte wrote:
> OpenOffice in current testing does not "see" all the fonts I have
> configured with fontconfig. These fonts are all available with
> Mozilla-Firebird, Gnome and KDE programs, just not available within
> OpenOffice for documents.
> All the TT fonts are available, but what's missing are some older type
> 1 (only ISO8859-1) and some otf fonts. 

Please provide a concrete example.  Your description tells us there is a
problem, but not what the problem is exactly.

Pick one of these missing fonts.  How did you install it?  What type of
font is it?  Where is it installed?  Is it listed in 'fc-list'?  If it
is not listed in 'fc-list', it is not known to fontconfig and you should
check your fontconfig configuration.

> Any ideas? Maybe this has already been fixed in Sid or Experimental? 

I don't think there are any changes in sid or experimental that will
have fixed this problem for you.


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