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Re: crash on OOo debian package

On (30/01/04 14:38), Marcio de Araujo Benedito wrote:
> Hello;
> I am using debian unstable, and the openoffice.org does't work since
> last upgrade:

I am also using unstable (ppc) and although openoffice is working since
recent upgrade (last night or night before ...sorry can't remember) I've
experienced some strange behaviour:

If I try to close a "calc" file, open office seems to hang and the
screen doesn't redraw and the application doesn't respond at all to the
GUI.  The onle recourse is to kill -9 all the OOo processes.

Within a spreadsheet if I click on a cell with the mouse and then try to
TAB to the right or Enter to move down it doesn't respond but the cell
remains highlighted and to move you need the arrow keys or mouse.

If you need more info, let me know.



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