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Bug#210675: openoffice.org: oowriter doesn't print lithuanian letters correctly

severity 210675 normal
tags 210675 + moreinfo
tags 210675 + unreproduceable
tags 210675 - sid


On Sat, Sep 13, 2003 at 12:17:55AM +0300, Modestas Vainius wrote:
> I have a problem here which is really annoying. oowriter doesn't print
> almost all lithuanian letters correctly. They are noticably different
> from the latin ones although the same font settings were used for
> both. This problem started with rc3 and later, so it wasn't present in
> rc1. This bug also applies to the official rc3 and rc4 binaries from
> www.openoffice.org (haven't tested rc2 though). I attach 2 postscript
> files, which iliustrate the differences between rc1 and rc3 postscript
> output, and doc.sxw file, so you can try to reproduce the bug. Is it
> reproducable on your system?

No, it isn't reproduceable on my system.  I attach a .ps file printed
from your docuemnt.  On my printout, the font spacing seems to be better
than your version produced with rc1.

The docuemnt you sent uses Times New Roman as font.  You do have that
font installed, don't you?


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