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Bug#212403: openoffice.org: Default "save document" format

El mar, 23-09-2003 a las 19:35, Rene Engelhard escribió:

> [ This was already reported as #212157, please look in BTS if a bug is
> filed already. Thanks ]

Sorry, I was looking at the BTS, but not find it.

> > The OpenOffice 1.1 package is using Microsoft Office format for the
> > default format to save the documents. The merge of the Ximian patches is
> > a good thing, but I think this "feature" is a serious error.
> There were obsolete parts in one patch. This is thought to be
> configurable (setting CCOMPATIBLE; see openoffice.conf)

OK, I didnt know this.

> > Please, this bug I sent have severity minor, but I think this issue is a
> > urgent thing.
> It is already fixed and therefore will be fixed in the next package
> version...

Thats fine :)
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