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Bug#211297: ftp.debian.org: britney should judge sense of putting a package into testing

Package: ftp.debian.org
Version: unavailable; reported 2003-09-16
Severity: minor

Hi aj,

$ madison --regex myspell
myspell-lt | 0.5.20030624-1 |       testing | all
myspell-lt | 0.5.20030624-1 |      unstable | all
myspell-lv |    0.5.5-1 |       testing | source, all
myspell-lv |    0.5.5-1 |      unstable | source, all

Hmm. This does not make much sense.

I understand that - from the view of the testing scripts - myspell-*
(repspectively their source packages) are valid candidates and
therefore are let into testing.

And they are even installable; do not make sense though. They are the
dictionaries for OpenOffice.org and the mozilla spellchecker (so used
by OpenOffice.org and mozilla-snapshot currently). mozilla-snapshot
isn't in testing and OpenOffice.org is in testing with 1.0.3-2 against
which those myspell packages declare a conflict.

So there we have myspell-* packages now in testing which makes no
sense until openoffice.org (>> 1.0.3-2) dripples into testing on which
is worked on...

But when that shouldn't happen we have senseless packages in testing,
ok they can be removed if the time comes but still the testing scripts
may be able to modified to not let such situations occur.

I honestly do not have an idea currently how this might be implemented
since this can't be done automatically (how should the scripts
determine the _sense_ of a package objectively?), but maybe this could
be implemented by some variables/flags/fields/whatever in the scripts
modfied by the RM/RAs?

I am not sure, though, if that really is worth the hassle or if this
situation is a corner case and won't happen again.

I trust your judgement :-)

-- System Information:
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Kernel: Linux frodo 2.4.21-rene #3 Mit Aug 6 17:21:44 CEST 2003 i686
Locale: LANG=de_DE@euro, LC_CTYPE=de_DE@euro


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