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OpenOffice shared installation over NFS problems

Hello all,

We here at university have 9 classes of Debian - 6-8 computers in each. They all use one shared installation (mixed sid/testing/stable) over NFS. Students authenticate using LDAP/Kerneros and their home directories are mounted over OpenAFS. OpenOffice is planned to be used for some subjects, but I ran into problems deploying it. New year begins at 1st September, so I must be quick.

When OpenOffice 1.0.3-2 is started locally (NFS server), everything goes smoothly. But when students try to run ooo from their computers in classes, installation doesnt succeed: error window pops up stating that types.rdb and services.rdb are missing or corrupted, and setup is aborted. When trying OO.o 1.0.99+1.1rc-1, local installation doesnt even get this far:
  running openoffice.org setup...
  setup failed.. abort
I've read instaructions at debian readme, but they dont seem to apply - fonts are loaded sucessfully, and the same with LANG=C (we use LANG=lt_LT.ISO8859-13). Played around with it and found that setup exits with code 30.
What could be wrong? I can tell more details but i'm not sure which ones.


Sincerely yours,
Vaidrius Petrauskas

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