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cvs commit to oo-deb/debian/scripts by rene

Repository: oo-deb/debian/scripts
who:        rene
time:       Fri Aug 22 13:28:37 UTC 2003
Log Message:
  - use the variables MAINPKGDIR, VER, OPENOFFICEDIR... throughout in rules
  - add if wrapper around installing of changelog.Ximian+Debian.gz as
    it only works when installing when debhelper operates on the indep
    packages; run it after dh_installchangelogs to put the family together :) -
    test for existence of   $(MAINPKGDIR)/usr/share/doc/openoffice.org$(VER)
  - add scripts/installoverrides (will be submitted to debhelper as
    dh_installoverrides); add it to setperms
  - fix permissions in $(MAINPKGDIR)/$(OPENOFFICEDIR)/share/config/webcast
  - minor comment fix

added:      installoverrides

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