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[announce] 1.1rc1, dicts packages uploaded & on debian-openoffice mirrors

As a few of you have noticed already, rene & I have been uploading packages
to unstable and the debian-openoffice mirrors.  The packages need manual
processing so it will take a while for them to be accepted into unstable.

In the meantime, packages for i386 are in the 'unstable' section of the
debian-openoffice mirrors [1].  The dictionary packages were uploaded today,
so they might not have reached all the mirrors yet.

There are many many changes to the packages [2].  We froze before the official
rc1 release but it has taken so long to get all the bugs out that now rc3 is
almost ready upstream.   Martin Kretzschmar has been working on rc3 already
and has done a lot of the changes we need, so it shouldn't take as long as
usual to switch to the new version.

Have fun,

[1] http://openoffice.debian.net/mirrors.html
openoffice.org (1.0.99+1.1rc-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * The openoffice.org1.1 packages are now openoffice.org, back in unstable
  * New upstream release 1.1rc
    - Support for upgrade of previous version user data (closes: #189323)
    - PickListSize increased to 9 (closes: #171417)
    - jvmsetup recognizes JVM (closes: #198484)
    - builds with gcc 3.2.3 (closes: #195359)
    - mailer profiles added (closes: #170699)
    - loading of ODBC library fixed (closes: #179233)
    - user soffice link is absolute not relative (closes: #198785)
    - Smoother mouse scolling (closes: #183095)
    - Support for controlling autohinting using environment vars
      (closes: #189088)
  * Patches removed - integrated upstream: [CH]
    - 020_gpc_optional
    - 035_deliver_linkopt
    - 036_setup2_nofail_installed
    - 037_parallel_IZ14307
    - 038_acc_idl_parallel
    - 039_uname_error
    - 904_libodbc_soname
  * Patches resynced: [CH]
    + 021_SAL_DEBUG
    + 023_select_instsets
    + 040_newlangs
  * New patches: [CH]
    + 041_sv_HTML_typo: correct typo in Options->HTML compatibility
      for sv (closes:#199960) IZ#16437
    + 002_dmake_tempnam: Fix tempfile vulnerability in dmake. IZ#7800
    + 022_config_switches: Add --disable-rpath option
    + 025_aclocal_update: regenerate aclocal.m4 after configure.in changes
    + 901_disable_langcheck: Disable lanuage test in setup upgrade
    + 902_remove_rpaths: Remove rpaths in vcl & icu makefiles
  * New patches which are work in progress and not yet ready to be used by the
    package build system: [CH]
    + (part of 022_config_switches): add --without-fonts and --with-python flags
    + 023_jdk_kaffe: Accept Kaffe as a known JDK.  Officecfg can be built
      using Kaffe now, but the rest of the build will fail.  Thanks to Jarno
      Elonen. IZ#16252
    + 024_system_python: Use the installed Python instead of the one in the
      OOo tarball to build pyuno
  * New binary packages: [RE]
    + openoffice.org-crashrep: OpenOffice.org crash reporting tool
    + openoffice.org-gnome: GNOME desktop integration
  * debian/rules: [CH]
    + For Woody backport: add xalan2.jar to classpath
    + add program directory to dh_shlibdeps search path; removes some
      harmless warnings
    + Fix HTML and From Template desktop icons (closes: #201505)
  * debian/control.in:
    + openoffice.org-mimelnk Conflicts: openoffice.org (<< 1.0.3-3) [CH]
    + Correct typo in ttf-bitstream-vera, thanks Eloy (closes: #203638) [CH]
    + Change dependencies for 1.0.99+1.1rc [CH, RE]
    + Update debian-openoffice URL [CH, RE]
    + Remove build-deps: libstlport4.5-full, libfreetype6-dev, g++ (you'll
      need 3.2 or 3.0).  These will go back in in the next revision or so but
      we're leaving them out for this revision because there are some problems
      not yet fully worked out. [CH]
    + Add Conflicts from 1.0.x packages, and oooqs-kde (<= 1.0rc3-2) [CH]
    + fix suggestion of KDE quickstarter [RE]
    + Provide/Conflict/Replace Knoppix openoffice-de-en packages
      (closes #203289) [RE]
  * Introduce new concept for langpack dependencies.  Langpacks should now
    provide openoffice.org-l10n-<version>, which openoffice.org uses to
    Depends: on any langpack that provides it, and Conflicts with older
    incompatible versions to force them off the system on upgrade. [CH, RE]
    + oo.o Depends: openoffice.org-l10n-en | openoffice.org-l10n-1.1.0, and
      langpacks Provide openoffice.org-l10n-1.1.0.
    + openoffice.org Conflicts: openffice.org-l10n, which was provided by
      pre-1.1 langpacks
  * Add Sparc to architecture list.  This probably won't work yet: [CH]
    + debian/control.in: Add sparc to architectures for -bin package
    + scripts/vars.sparc: Set variables for Sparc
  * MANIFESTs updated for 1.1rc
  * debian/local/openoffice-dpack-lang:
    + Exclude crash_dump.res because the filename isn't properly localised
  * Move files under <ooo-root>/user from openoffice.org-l10n-en to
    openoffice.org to prevent setup file copy errors when -en langpack
    is not installed (closes: #150714) [CH]
  * let all -l10n-* foo Suggest: -l10n-hyphenation, -l10n-spellcheck
    and -l10n-thesaurus. Add Provides to openoffice.org for the
    hyphenations and the english thesaurus openoffice.org already
    provides. [RE]
  * compile with -O1 on all architectures until glibc 2.3.2
    enters sid; this should solve the "relocation errors"
    problem; please reopen if not... (closes: #191989) [RE]
  * Move Gnome desktop files to /usr/share/applications, thanks to
    Jerome Warnier for the discussion at debcamp. [CH]
  * Back to using system libfreetype, now supported directly by upstream [CH]
  * add question whether we should prelink [RE]
  * one more long description fix to not let lines -zh-* and pt-br
    descriptions be too long.. [RE]
  * move -help-en to contrib/doc.

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