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Re: Build-process tries to build Python anyway?

On Fri, Aug 01, 2003 at 05:38:06PM +0200, Jérôme Warnier wrote:
> Le ven 01/08/2003 à 16:18, Jérôme Warnier a écrit :
> > Le ven 01/08/2003 à 15:33, Jérôme Warnier a écrit :
> > > Le ven 01/08/2003 à 15:01, Jérôme Warnier a écrit :
> > > > It seems the build-process tries to build Python anyway, is it possible?
> > > > Wasn't there a patch to remove it?

There is an unfinished patch - I documented that in the changelog and there
are several:

  * New patches which are work in progress and not yet ready to be used by the
    package build system: [CH]
    + (part of 022_config_switches): add --without-fonts and --with-python flags
    + 023_jdk_kaffe: Accept Kaffe as a known JDK.  Officecfg can be built
      using Kaffe now, but the rest of the build will fail.  Thanks to Jarno
      Elonen. IZ#16252
    + 024_system_python: Use the installed Python instead of the one in the
      OOo tarball to build pyuno
    + 025_aclocal_update: regenerate aclocal.m4 for config updates

> > > Same thing for curl and neon, and maybe a lot more?

This is mentioned in TODO:

*   Remove libraries from the package which are already available in Debian.
    - nas
    - zlib
    - icu

There is no reason for not changing them apart from the fact no-one has
taken the time to do it yet.

> > I found the --with-python and added it to debian/rules.

And as you found out, it doesn't work yet because it is more compilcated
than it seems at first.

Python usually installs its libaries as libpython<major>.<minor>.so with
headers in /usr/include/python<major>.<minor> but there is a problem with
the OOo build scripts that drops the version, and that needs fixing first.

> What are those guys at OOo thinking about? If they continue like this,
> they will ship the Linux kernel, GCC and XFree86 sources in their tar.gz
> just to be sure everyone has all the needed build-dependencies. :-D

Yup, I'm afraid so.  The first upstream priority is to include all
build-dependencies in CVS so it is possible to build OOo without having to
install lots of build dependencies, which is helpful for OSes/distros
without a decent package management system but is a little superfluous for
us (oh you wouldn't see Linux-specific stuff like the kernel :) anyway, even
if the licensing was compatiable).  But someone has to do the work to make
the dependency optional and so far there hasn't been anyone interested
enough to take the time to do all this in a clean way that can be integrated
upstream.  I've been working on this occasionally but I don't have unlimited

(Credit where credit is due: Ken Foskey, Kevin Hendricks and Michael Meeks
have all made contributions towards this too, thanks guys!)


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