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Re: Another build failure (a serious one)

There are many modules in the ooo build that do not support parallel build. 
see ooo issue #9443. i dont know about the debian build but on ooo if is 
stops for this you just 
cd themodule
cd ../instsetoo
build --all:themodule

and is re-starts from there.

i am using the libstlport that comes with the ooo source. that way you can be 
sure the version will work. i suppose the reason for including so many things 
in the build is that will "freeze" the version being used so there are less 

for example i am finding new problems building with gnu cvs 30/7/03 gcc-3.3 
compared to debian gcc-3.2.3, and now there is a new debian gcc3.3.1 to be 
tried too. so maybe ooo should include a build of gcc :)

good luck,

On Sat, 2 Aug 2003 03:22, Jérôme Warnier wrote:
> Le ven 01/08/2003 à 15:36, Jérôme Warnier a écrit :

> > > I'm suspecting a bug in the dmake process because of the //ism. I'm

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