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cvs commit to oo-deb/debian/patches by rene

Repository: oo-deb/debian/patches
who:        rene
time:       Sun Jun  8 23:59:54 UTC 2003
Log Message:
  - remove STAR_*, SAL_* and SO_* environment variables from soffice
  - force compile with g{cc,++}-3.2 on sarge/sid as g{cc,++} 3.3 is
    busted and needs for one file ressources not even satisfiable with#
    even the use of swapd...; adjust the Build-Depends: logic
  - let all -l10n-foo packages Suggest
    -help-foo, -thesaurus-foo, -hyphenation-foo, myspell-dictionary-foo.
    Add Provides: for the above parts openoffice.org provides.
    (-hyphenation-{da,de,en,ru}, myspell-dictionary-en, -thesaurus-en)

added:      052_remove_variables_from_soffice.diff

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