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cvs commit to oo-deb/debian/patches by halls

Repository: oo-deb/debian/patches
who:        halls
time:       Wed Jun  4 14:17:22 UTC 2003
Log Message:
  openoffice.org1.1 (1.1beta2-2) experimental; urgency=low
    * Upload to experimental :)
    * New langpacks: Catalan, Brazillian Portuguese, Slovak, Finnish
    * Pull Post-beta2 Updates from beta2 CVS branch
      + Gcc 3.3 and flex compilation fixes
      + Add ro_RO Romainian locale
      + Add missing Czech translations
      + Add Catalan, Slovak to default lanaguage list
      + Sparc bridge added
      + Spellchecker improvements using ngram matching
      + Support Bitstream Vera fonts for user interface
    * Patches created from upstream fixes on other branches:
      + 904_libodbc_soname: Fix loading of libodbc. IZ#14940
      + 037_parallel_IZ14307: Fix SRS parallel build dependencies
    * New patches:
      + 038_acc_idl_parallel: Parallel build failure in accessibility
      + 040_newlangs: Turn on pt-BR and fi language file generation
    * Patches removed from patchset:
      - 028_help_fallback_en: There is a new configuration mechanism now
      - 039_uname_error: Fix "Try `uname --help' for more information" message
        using Eric Anderson's 1.0.3 patch from BTS#196039
      - 900_vcl_xinerama_externC: Fixed upstream
    * KDE icons started OOo 1.0 instead of 1.1; fixed.
    * Missing KDE group icon fixed
    * s390 updates from Gerhard Tonn
    * debian/control.in:
      + Build-Depends: flex | flex-old
      + OOo.org Suggests: oooqs-kde and ttf-bitsream-vera
      + Remove gs from suggests (PDF support is now built in)
    * debian/rules:
      + Fix buildprj and builduntil targets
      + Add suport to override the compiler version by setting GCCVER
      + downloadpatch/rsyncpatch targets will not touch the patches
        if they are already applied
      + Improve patchapply/patchunapply stampfile handling
      + Copy icons from pt to pt-BR (not included in -2 langpack)

removed:    Tag: OPENOFFICE_ORG_1_1 028_help_fallback_en.diff 900_vcl_xinerama_externC.diff

added:      Tag: OPENOFFICE_ORG_1_1 000_postBeta2_stolen_from_ooo11beta2-binaries.diff.uu 000_postBeta2_stolen_from_ooo11beta2.diff 037_parallel_IZ14307 038_acc_idl_parallel.diff 039_uname_error.diff 040_newlangs.diff 904_libodbc_soname.diff

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