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[announce] OpenOffice.org 1.1beta Debian packages

The Debian OpenOffice.org team are proud to announce the availability of
packages of the OpenOffice.org 1.1 beta.   They are downloadable from the
debian-openoffice mirrors, in section 'unstable'.


Package: openoffice.org1.1
Version: 1.1beta1.prebeta2-1
Description: high-quality office productivity suite 1.1 beta
 *** OpenOffice.org 1.1 experimental packages ***
 These are preliminary packages which are still under development and not yet
 ready for Debian unstable.  They are installable alongside the existing 1.0.x
 versions, which you should continue to use for mission-critical data.
 Documents created by 1.1 are fully compatible with OpenOffice.org 1.0.x.
 This is a beta OpenOffice.org release from the 1.1 beta2 branch.  The final
 version is currently scheduled for August 2003.  The 1.1 branch contains many
 new features; here are a few:
  * Native export to PDF, Flash and XHTML formats
  * Macro recorder
  * Improved import/export of Microsoft(R) Office formats
  * Import/export of XML formats including DocBook
  * CTL (Complex text layout) support
  * Support for mobile device formats
  * Improved clipboard support
  * Font rendering support can be configured by environment variables
  * Czech language support
  * Many, many bug fixes and usability improvements
 For more information about 1.1 see

These packages are not yet polished with all features from the 1.0.x
packages, but the majority of the functionality is in place.  

OpenOffice.org 1.1 needs YOU!

Please use the opportunity to test out 1.1 and find out what still needs
work for the final release.  If you think you have found a problem, or would
like to see something improved for 1.1, visit the link above for lots of
helpful information.  The Debian team will try to deal with problems with
the packages themselves, but we'd appreciate it if upstream problems can be
sent there directly.

Chris Halls
Debian OpenOffice.org team

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