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cvs commit to oo-debian-files/debian by halls

Repository: oo-debian-files/debian
who:        halls
time:       Tue May  6 11:59:48 UTC 2003
Log Message:
  * Version 1.1beta-0pre1
  * Initial packages for 1.1 branch, based on 1.0.3-2 packaging
  * Changes for 1.1 packaging:
    + Added $(VER) suffix to rules and added 1.1 in other places
    + User interface language change not yet implemented for 1.1
    + Gnome session manager workaround no longer needed
    + SAL_FONTPATH_* no longer exists, we can't modify fontpath any more

changed:    Tag: OPENOFFICE_ORG_1_1 changelog control dirs overrides rules

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