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Re: openoffice.org-1.0.3 build problem on s390

On Tuesday 15 April 2003 20:20, you wrote:
> Hi Gerhard,
> The build specifies the static lib here:
>  -Wl,-Bstatic -lstlport_gcc -
> Are you using the internal stlport or an externally built one.  If using
> the internal, there is a libstlport_gcc.a built in stlport and delivered
> to the solver on my build of OOo 1.0.3

I am building the Debian package for 1.0.3. It uses the Debian stlport 
packages and that doesn't seem to provide the libstlport_gcc.a library, at 
least on s390. 

I was not sure if linking statically is o.k.. If this is fine it seems to be 
a problem with the stlport packages.


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