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OpenOffice with Gnome 2.2 and Metacity issue

Hey all

I'm having difficulties getting OpenOffice software to run properly on
my system.

At boot time, the splash screen shows.  When the initial window goes to
be drawn, all programs other than the OO software are unminimized and
the OO software will flash on the screen for a bit.

Once the OO software calms down, usually it is placed over my top
panel.  All windows have lost their borders;  nothing can be resized or
moved.  If it's possible, I can log out and back into the Gnome session
and all is well;  more often I have to reboot X.

I think what's happening here in OO software is somehow fighting with
Metacity by attempting to open itself over the top panel.  OO software
worked previously ok with Sawfish;  now under Metacity, every bit of it
chokes including the setup programs.

My system:  Sarge, Gnome 2.2, Metacity 2.5.0 on x86.

Any ideas?

 -- Chance

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