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OpenOffice & default font problems


I contact you because I experience problems with the latest openoffice
distribution (unstable).
I waited for a few days in case you'll look at the problem, just in case

The problem is with the default menu font. It does not anymore accept
truetype font in order to draw the menus!
I have correctly installed the font under X with the correct FontPath
and checked that xfontsel *sees* these fonts (as well as other
Only OpenOffice can't see them.

Blindly I tried to change the default font to something else and I
succeeded :)
When the font is something different than a TTF, it displays it
correctly. When I tried to change it to a TTF font again, the menus
disappear again :(

Afterwards I tried to find the place where OO stores the font
subtitution matrix.
Since this is a serious problem (there are a few people who know the OO
menus by heart), I suggest to add in the documentation that someone can
substitute the default font in the 
/Common.xml file, 
by writing something like
   <FontPairs cfg:element-type="FontReplacement">
    <FontReplacement state="replaced" cfg:name="_0">
     <Always cfg:type="boolean">true</Always>
     <OnScreenOnly cfg:type="boolean">true</OnScreenOnly>
     <ReplaceFont cfg:type="string">Andale Sans UI</ReplaceFont>
     <SubstituteFont cfg:type="string">Avantgarde</SubstituteFont>
   <Replacement cfg:type="boolean">true</Replacement>

and THEN go through the menus and change the font to whatever they like.

That's all!

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