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RE: openoffice s390 patches


Thanks for the attachments.

I think my problems have been compiler and glibc-related.  I was _trying_ to
build STLport with gcc 2.95.x and glibc 2.2.3.  That wasn't working well, so
I upgraded gcc to 3.2 (without upgrading glibc to 2.2.5 first).  That seemed
to go better, but xml2cmp was still getting a segfault.  It looked like it
was happening in libpthread, so I was going to rebuild glibc 2.2.3 with gcc
3.2, but Ulrich Weigand told me that is not supported.  :(

So, now I want to build glibc 2.2.5 with gcc 3.2, and then hopefully I will
be able to compile your port with that.

Are you going to be submitting these patches to OpenOffice.org soon?


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Subject: openoffice s390 patches

the patches for openoffice on s390 are attached. I still haven't tested the 
bridge code and probably have not the time for the next 2 weeks. I will let 
you know of any updates. The first file contains the upstream patches, the 
second one the debian patches. 

The fpu exception switching needs some work, I want to change it to use the 
fenv() function, but will discuss it with upstream first. The cpuname is 
S390L for the time being since S390 conflicts with an existing, but obsolete

port. I will switch to S390, when upstream has this cleaned up.

I am using the stlport4.5_4.5.3-3 packages now. Mark, Debian uses stlport 
from an external package, not the included one. This might be the reason of 
your problems.

The files stlport4.5_4.5.3-3.diff.gz  and stlport4.5_4.5.3.orig.tar.gz can
found at http://www.phy.olemiss.edu/openoffice/pool/main/stlport/ . 
stlport4.5_4.5.3-3.diff.gz contains Debian patches.

I used binutils, gcc 3.2.1-0pre1 and glibc 2.2.5-14.2 for the 
build. I am using the mozilla 1.0.0-3 binaries compiled with gcc-3.2. 

The file readline.c must be compiled with O0 because of a compiler error.

Configuration is done as follows:

./configure --enable-gcc3 \
    --with-lang=ALL \

The debian/MANIFEST.s390 file needs libstlport_gcc.so for some reason. I 
didn't find libmozz.so, therefore excluded it from debian install files.


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