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Re: Correct OO sources.list info?

On Thu, Sep 12, 2002 at 09:51:20AM -0400, Lisa C. Boyd wrote:
> Last week I did a regular apt-get upgrade and it downloaded OpenOffice
> files and went through all the stuff without error. Except now I can't
> open any OpenOffice program. It just gives me an hour glass like it's
> trying to load and then disappears. It doesn't start any processes or
> anything. I tried apt-get remove and it said that OO isn't loaded. I
> tried doing apt-get install and it gives me errors saying it can't find
> the package. 
> This is what I have in my sources.list file. Am I missing something??
> deb http://ftp.freenet.de/pub/ftp.vpn-junkies.de/openoffice/ testing
> main contrib
> deb http://ftp.freenet.de/pub/ftp.vpn-junkies.de/openoffice/ unstable
> main contrib

Having both testing and unstable is not a good idea - 'testing' is compiled
on Woody and 'unstable' on unstable.  Please remove one and reinstall the

If you still have problems, please post the output of

dpkg -l 'openoffice.org*'
dpkg -l 'libstlport*'

and what is the output when you run OOo from the command line, e.g. by
starting 'openoffice'.


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